Please see the resources provided below to inform our families of how we intend to maintain a safe and healthy campus. Please take some time to view our School Year COVID-19 Plan, where you will hear the administration walk you through our presentation on our response to teaching under the reopening guidelines provided by the Louisiana State Department of Education.

Families are welcome to send any questions they may have to our dedicated COVID-19 school email address at

Please Note: According to the CDC and our state-appointed school doctor, any student who has already tested positive is not required to quarantine due to exposure, as long as the exposure took place within 90 days of the positive test, and so long as that student does not have any COVID-19 symptoms.

What do I do if...

Please note that the flow charts above are produced by the State of Louisiana. In addition to the state's regulations, ACA requires proof of a negative test result and a doctor's note if a student has tested positive in order to return to school after the required days out.