High School

Arden Cahill Academy enrolled its first class of high school freshmen in August 2019, and we are proud to continue our tradition of academic excellence and cultural enrichment through our college preparatory curriculum. As part of the Arden Cahill Academy High School experience, we have provided students with a FLEX period that will rotate daily to address the needs of each level of a student’s high school career. This period will include extra-curricular activities, study hall, and the programs described below:

Student Advisory

Our Advisory Program will promote meaningful relationships between staff and all 9th – 12th grade students while supporting academic and emotional growth for our students. Through weekly meetings with their advisor, students will experience a more personalized learning environment structured toward the monitoring and encouragement of academic progress, with a specific focus on college acceptance and career readiness. This advisor will be assigned to students upon entering our high school and will remain with the student throughout their tenure at ACA.

Freshman Seminar

This course is designed to help students make the transition into a high school setting. It will be required for all freshmen and new students to ACA. Students will learn time management skills, improve executive function capacity, and be introduced to specific skills that administration has identified as essential for success. A mindset conducive to learning will be fostered and skill sets essential to educational achievement will be imparted. Off campus experiences and guest speakers will also be featured in order to bring added expertise into the classroom.

ACT Prep

Sophomores and juniors will participate in an ACT/College Preparatory course, which will emphasize ACT test-taking strategies, specifically math, language, reading and science skills. Students will study and practice listening and note taking techniques, test taking strategies, questioning and thinking skills, information retrieval, pre-ACT test practice, memory technique, reading in the content areas, vocabulary development, and college application completion. All four ACT subtests will be reviewed: English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning. Seniors will have the option of continuing with ACT Prep in order to help them achieve their desired ACT score. The central goals of this course are increasing subtest scores and composite scores as well as college acceptance.