Infant Centre

Welcome to Arden Cahill Academy's Infant Centre

Arden Cahill Academy was established in 1968. In 1981, in order to assist the teachers who had children less than three years of age, the Infant Centre was created. Mrs. Arden Cahill searched for someone to assist her in creating the program and run the center. Joy Vickery, an English nanny, was the first director of the program. As the academy grew, younger siblings were allowed to enter the Infant Centre. Eventually, the enrollment was opened to all children 6 weeks to 3 years of age. In a structured, but not rigid environment, the children are provided with activities that will help them develop those qualities, characteristics, attitudes, and skills that are vital to a successful life; namely order, organization, concentration, obedience, independence, self-confidence, creativity, positive attitude, and physical and intellectual developmental skills such as speech, perceptual motor, and learning abilities.

Children begin to learn at birth. Their ability to learn is greatly influenced by heredity and environment. During the most crucial stage in life, should it become necessary for parents to acquire infant day care for their baby, it is essential that the setting be appropriate for learning. In an atmosphere of love and affection, babies in the Infant Centre learn to walk, talk, listen, sing, dance, and play. They develop vocabulary, motor skills, personality, and an insatiable appetite for discovery and knowledge. With creative games and interesting learning tools, they are introduced to letters, sounds, and number skills. Other daily activities include art, music, storytelling, PE, and practical life exercises. While we acknowledge that the parent has the primary responsibility, the staff of Arden Cahill Academy strives to provide a safe and healthy environment while the child is in our care.


The Infant Centre is open to all children 6 weeks through 3 years regardless of race, color, sex, handicap condition, religion, and national or ethnic origin. The criteria for placement are as follows: birth certificate, immunization records, health and previous evaluations, personal interview, date of application, and class availability. Arden Cahill Academy is approved by the Louisiana State Department of Education, and is accredited through Cognia, formerly AdvancED. It is licensed by the State of Louisiana's Department of Health and Human Resources and subject to regular inspections by the state and parish Health and Fire Departments.

Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm

Days: Monday through Friday

For more information on Arden Cahill Academy's Infant Centre, including curriculum, daily schedules, and various policies, please see our most current Infant Centre Family Handbook by scrolling on the Academics Tab and selecting "Family Handbooks". To schedule a tour, please call our front office at 504.392.0902.